Radically Transform Your Beliefs and Start Masterminding with Nick Rundlett


Nick loves helping people solve problems and move beyond their limits. He's currently building Mastermind Army - a network of Mastermind Groups for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Professionals to grow their Knowledge, Power, and Network. Mastermind Army's true purpose is to move profits into sponsoring people to experience transformational healing at scale.

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  • Transformational Healing
  • Sponsoring healing
  • Toxic and verbal abuse
  • Nick’s illness after ayahuasca
  • Value going through the process
  • Austin Conscious Community
  • The ultimate simple formula for putting on an event
  • The intention that you have deep within that keeps you on track
  • How Nick leverages power
  • Steam room
  • The #1 threat to your own power
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • The decision to shift consciousness
  • The quitting blunt that Nick smoked
  • Micro Commitments
  • The bar is LOW
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